We are committed in providing the best and affordable quality and standards integrating the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian style and way of solutions.

SANA For Electrical and Telephone Co. is an acknowledged leader in trading electrical & telephone accessories in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We import electrical, wiring and computer network accessories in Kingdon of Saudi Arabia.

Over 45 years, a shareholder company having a considerable method, extensive experience and capability to handle and perform the subjected work in an adequate and professional form. Our top priority is to satisfy the client needs and demands competitively with the highest standards of perfections to keep our position as pioneers at forefront of Electrical & Telephone market.


To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

To be the best provider for the best construction projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


We commit ourselves to supply the best quality electrical and telephone accessories and intend to grow our market share depending on our advanced fabrication technology and on our expert team.


We are committed to supply high quality of electrical and telephone accessories, achieving the highest grade of satisfaction.


The customer is number one, we understand their needs and we focus on fulfilling and delivering the best service possible .


We have a system in placed and a $15 Million worth of inventory readily available to meet our costumer’s demand.

We make it WORK! quality, service and availability.

To support the growing needs of our customers. SANA now operates 18 branches strategically located accross the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our product offering ranges from telecommunicaton and electrical accessories with spectrum of materials to choose from. With the fforts of our skilled personel to provide specific support for neccessary understanding of our products to meet the customers appropraite requirements.